About Us

Our Mission at SIND

We seek perfection above all else. Each project is important to us and we are perfecting ourselves every day to be at the cutting edge of technology, in all areas of computer science. Every website, logo or article is carefully thought out and perfected.

Our Vision as a Company

We want to offer the best information and services for our customers. Get the best on the Internet, simply.

Whether it is a practical guide, information on certain topics, medical or simply to have a different opinion on your problem or concern.

Our team will be happy to answer you on our forums or via the many options to contact us.

Our team

We are professionals in our respective fields. No branch of design escapes us.

Our marketing and graphic design employees are simply the best in the field. Every year we rethink design techniques to deliver the best for our customers.

About Us

SIND is located on the edge of the city of Montreal, Canada in the Laurentians. We have been designing websites for over 10 years. We are still perfecting ourselves every day to allow our customers to have the best possible service.

The founder of the company, Nicolas Desjardins started as a researcher in computer science. Later he took a course in web design to specify himself in this area. Today with hundreds of completed projects, SIND is one of the references in the field.

Our Projects

Each of our projects is unique. We are always very careful about the requests of our customers. Here is a list of all our completed projects.

We take the satisfaction of our customers to heart. You can contact us directly on our website or by email at the following address: Info@sind.ca

The founder of SIND is Nicolas Desjardins.